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How to Choose a Criminal Defense Attorney in the Sacramento/Placer area.

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

When searching for a criminal defense attorney, it is hard to know how to choose. There

are literally hundreds of criminal defense lawyers in the Sacramento/Placer area; all are promising the best representation. Choosing can be confusing and stressful. There are several key questions you should consider when deciding.

  • Is your criminal defense attorney responsive and reliable?

Communication is essential to your case. Your lawyer should respond to you in a timely manner and be available to meet within twenty four hours. Jeff Wood is committed to quick response time and consistent availability.

  • Does your attorney practice in your area and have significant experience with cases similar to yours?

A thorough understanding of the type of case you are seeking help with is imperative to a successful outcome. Mr. Wood has been a prosecutor in Placer County for over twenty years handling hundreds of cases including, but not limited to:


-Domestic Violence and Restraining Orders

-Sex Crimes

-Theft and Fraud

-Drug Crimes

When searching for a criminal defense attorney, it is hard to know how to choose. There are literally u are literallyu are literally are li litere are litee are lite are lie are le are e aree are ae

-Elder Abuse

  • Does your lawyer have extensive involvement with local courts?

It is extremely important for your attorney to have a strong relationship with local judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement. These connections have significant impact on the outcome of your case. Your attorney’s knowledge and understanding of the local justice system will help create a winning strategy for your case. Mr. Wood’s rapport with local judges, prosecutors, and law enforcement makes him very effective at mounting the best defense for you.

  • Does your attorney have a straight forward and transparent fee structure?

After hearing the details specific to your situation, your attorney should have a clear fee outline for your case. You shouldn’t have to worry about hidden costs or over charges. Mr. Wood will listen carefully to your set of circumstances, and explain costs for your defense clearly and concisely so you will know what to expect.

  • Most importantly, do you feel comfortable with your attorney?

In order to achieve the best outcome for your case it is vital to have an attorney client relationship built on trust and honesty. A skilled defense lawyer will have open and continuous communication with clients to ensure the best legal representation. Ask yourself these questions to ensure your attorney is the best fit for you:

-Can I openly discuss all details of mycase with my attorney?

-Do I trust my freedom to my attorney?

-Is my attorney compassionate and attentive?

-Is my attorney willing to do everything legally possible to provide the best defense?

Criminal defense attorney Jeff Wood wants to hear your story and help. He stands ready to fight for you as he checks all the boxes discussed above.

Call now to set up a time to talk about your case, your freedom and your future.


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